Elementary Courses

Elementary students must enroll in a Half-Day Option:

  • Option 1:  8:30 – 12:25, including chapel
  • Option 2:  11:30 – 3:25, including chapel

Courses are listed in the order they fall on the schedule.

Elementary Language Arts:  Reading with Dr. Seuss   1st – 5th   (Mrs. Kusch)

elemlang“Oh the thinks you can think!”

With Dr. Seuss as our guide, we will read through his 60+ books from easiest to most difficult. You should be able to find these at your local library or even garage sales and discount book stores. We will participate in hands-on activities for each book and make that our theme for the day!

Our grammar component will follow a Charlotte Mason and classical approach with short lessons for English usage, punctuation, composition, oral language skills, letter writing, and more. Includes narration, picture study, copywork, and dictation, as well as fables and poetry by famous authors such as Christina Rosetti, Edward Lear, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

With Spelling Power, your children will master the 5,000 most frequently used words and key spelling principles at their own pace—in just 15 minutes a day—using research-proven strategies.

Each student will receive a reading inventory to determine their reading level and given guidelines for selecting appropriate reading material based on their level. Each student will be required to maintain a reading log and present a brief book talk of their favorite book each week to foster good communication and presentation skills. Each student will also receive a placement test to determine their spelling level and will participate in a spelling mastery program with a research-based study program to be worked on at home throughout the week. We will also have a Spelling Bee at the end of the year. Each student will be assigned grammar in their language lesson book for their grade level, to be completed in their composition notebook at home throughout the week.

Required Textbook:
Spelling Power Blue Student Record Book, Grades 2-4 – ISBN: 9781888827071
Language Lessons for Today book (Please choose appropriate grade level):
—> Language Lessons for Today: Grade 2 – ISBN: 9781619991064
—> Language Lessons for Today: Grade 3 – ISBN: 9781619991071
—> Language Lessons for Today: Grade 4 – ISBN: 9781619991255
—> Language Lessons for Today: Grade 5 – ISBN: 9781619991392

Student Materials:  Composition Notebook – wide-ruled, poly folder with brads and pockets, 2 sharpened pencils with good erasers, sharpened colored pencils, ruler, dry erase markers, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, pencil box/bag

One-Time Supply Fee:    $40     Annual Tuition:  $350 (10 pymts of $35)
Discounts:  5% off if paid in full at the beginning of the year
Class Minimum:

Math Class

Visit our math program page to view your student’s level.

Elementary History   1st-5th    (Mrs. Kusch)

Travel back to the time of the Romans and learn how they set the stage with their Pax Romana for the central event of all history – the birth of Jesus. Gain a New Testament overview with a special focus on the books of Luke, Philippians, and 1 John. View Roman civilization, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation in the context of Christ and the early church, while also studying astronomy and the human body from a Christian perspective.

Students and parents are expected to partner with the teacher to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere.  Students are expected to, with the assistance of parents, complete all assigned readings from multiple historical and Biblical texts, as well as, assignments at home.

Required Textbook:
– Bible (translation of your preference)
– Ancient History books from last year (Teacher can advise at Meet the Teacher)
DK Illustrated Family Bible (ISBN 9780789415035)
The Story of the World, Vol. 2 (ISBN 9781933339092) (Audiobook available if you prefer)
Augustus Caesar’s World (ISBN 9780966380325)
The Usborne Internet-Linked Medieval World (ISBN 9780794508159)
– (Optional) Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History (ISBN 9781885767547)

Student Materials: 1″ 3-ring binder (or section of a larger multi-subject binder), 5-tab dividers, wide-ruled notebook paper, 2 sharpened pencils with good erasers, sharpened colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, pencil bag/box

One-Time Supply Fee:    $40   Annual Tuition: $350 (10 pymts of $35)
Discounts:  5% off if paid in full at the beginning of the year
Class Minimum:  5

Music Elements   1st – 5th   (Mrs. S)

recorderIntroduction to music, concepts like elementary music theory and note reading. Introduction to the recorder.

Required TextbookThe Usborne First Book of the Recorder
Student MaterialsYamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder, 3-ring binder, notebook, pencils, and crayons/colored pencils
One-Time Supply Fee:   $10    Annual Tuition:  $250
Class Minimum:  5

Elementary PE & Health   1st – 5th   (Mrs. Stewart)

This Health and P.E. class will promote physical exercise, skills development, sportsmanship and nutrition. The class will begin with prayer, followed by calisthenics, coordination skills or jogging, skill development (teaching session), and fun games which often incorporate the skill being taught.

I will work with the parents on how they want their students graded.

Student Materials:   roll-up exercise mat
One-Time Supply Fee:  $25     Annual Tuition:  $250 (10 pymts of $25)
Class Minimum:  4

Elementary Astronomy   1st-5th   (Mrs. Kusch)

133436Explore the farthest reaches of God’s creation during this astronomy course. With many hands-on activities to help young scientists retain what they learn, our class uses the Charlotte Mason methodology to introduce elementary-level students to the wonders of our solar system, the stars, and beyond. Our tour of the universe begins with our sun, the planets, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, and the Kuiper belt. Then we set off across the stars to explore galaxies, nebulae, and even black holes as they reveal the marvel and might of our loving Creator.

Students and parents will partner with the teacher to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom, while maintaining their commitment to homeschool throughout the week at home. Students will be expected, with the assistance of a parent, to complete assigned readings in each chapter and assignments in their note-booking journal at home throughout the week. During class, students will be expected to participate in the labs, following lab safety guidelines and cooperate with their teacher and other classmates.

Required Textbook:
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook, 2nd Edition, by Jeannie Fulbright (ISBN 9781940110585)
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Notebooking Journal, 2nd Ed. (grades 3-5)*
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal, 2nd Ed. (grades 1-3)*
* Parents should choose the note-booking journal based on their child’s ability. The regular journal requires more writing, has smaller lines for finer handwriting and upper elementary activities. The Junior journal has wider handwriting lines for beginning writers and lower elementary activities that involve less writing. The teacher will have both available for preview at Meet the Teacher.

Student Materials:  1″ 3-ring binder (or section of a larger multi-subject binder), 5-tab dividers, wide-ruled notebook paper, 2 sharpened pencils, sharpened colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, pencil bag/box, smock/apron/lab coat for experiments

One-Time Supply Fee:    $40    Annual Tuition:  $350 (10 pymts of $35)
Discounts:  5% off if paid in full at the beginning of the year
Class Minimum:  5

Elementary Nature & Art Study (Wild Days Exploring Nature Class)   1st – 5th   (Mrs. Kusch)

funwithnatureIn this course, your student will receive many items to fill their pack for studying nature and creating a journal using different art mediums. The first section will focus on what each animal looks like, what it eats and where it can be found. The section focusing on tracks, droppings (scat) and signs is organized by habitat and includes information about a number of animals, each shown in the setting where it is most likely to be sighted. The final section, about trees, leaves and bark, is particularly striking.

Each week we will learn about a new item in nature to be on the look out for. We will then set-off on our hike either up the hill at the back of the property or we will caravan just up the road to the Castroville Regional Park. We will take our time strolling through nature, observing whatever creatures or plants we happen upon. We will learn about sketching, dry brushing, watercolor and more as we attempt to capture the beauty and wonder of God’s creation.

There will be no grades assigned with this class. Students are expected to participate with the nature hike and various nature and art activities with a cheerful attitude.

Required Textbook:  Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide  (ISBN 9781559717021)

Student Materials:  Backpack/carry-all, Binoculars optional

One-Time Supply Fee:    $50    Annual Tuition:  $500 (10 pymts of $50)
Discounts:  5% off if paid in full at the beginning of the year
Class Minimum:  5

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