Frequently Asked Questions

Membership, Tuition, Etc.

Q:  Do I have to become a member of the the church where you meet in order to participate?
A:  No, membership is available to anyone who is looking for a Christian-based homeschool course option.  Although the church allows us to hold our classes in their facilities, we are not part of the church itself.

Q:  Why do you charge for classes?
A:  Castroville Day Academy is comprised of unpaid parent volunteers who have taken the time to seek out teachers and make all of the necessary scheduling arrangements to make these courses available.  Payments for the courses are set by and paid to the teachers.

Q:  What does it cost to join and enroll in classes?
A:  There is a per same-household family membership fee of $85 to join Castroville Day Academy (or $65 if you register by May 31, 2019).  Once your family is a member, you may enroll your children in as many or as few courses as you’d like.

Q:  How Do I Submit My Payment?
A:  Payments may be made in person at the following events:
— June 27, 2019, 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Meet the Teachers Night
— July 29, 2019, 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Meet the Teachers Night
— Aug 27th at 6:30pm: Orientation & Late Registration
— Via mail to:  FBCC, Attn: Jo Ann Haywood, 1408 Alsace Ave, Castroville, TX 78009
***Please Make Checks Payable to: FBCC
***with Memo Field: Home School Registration
To ensure funds get applied correctly, please include with your payment a note indicating the student and course(s) to which the payment should be applied.

Q:  Due to holidays, we only met twice this month.  Why is my monthly payment still the same?  Shouldn’t it be reduced?
A:   No, when enrolling for a course, you are agreeing to pay the tuition for the course.  Because we understand it’s not always feasible to pay the entire tuition upfront, we do allow you to satisfy your balance by making even monthly payments.  For example, if you sign up for a course with a tuition of $300, we do allow you to pay in 10 monthly payments of $30, with the first payment being made in advance and each subsequent payment due the first Monday class day of each month.

Q:  When are Payments Due?
A:  Supply fees and the first monthly tuition payment is due by August 26th.  Because the class tuition fee is divided by 10, instead of nine, there is an extra payment for August to help teachers get things ready for class, and it makes the monthly payments a little smaller.  For additional information on how this works throughout the year, please refer to our Tuition Policy.

Q:  What Materials Do I Need for my Class?
A:  The required textbooks and other materials are listed on the course description pages.

Q:  I want to switch classes. How do I do that?
A:  Simply submit the Add/Drop Form as soon as possible.

Q:  When is the First Day of Class?
A:  The first day of class is September 10th. View our school year calendar.

Nursery / Pre-School

Q:  Do you have a nursery program for babies and toddlers?
A:  We’re happy to offer a nursery option for parent volunteers who have children ages 6 weeks to 2 years.

Q:  Can I enroll my pre-schooler in Castroville Day Academy?
A:  Presently, we are only accepting Pre-K to 1st graders who also have older siblings enrolled in our elementary, middle, or high school courses.