Math Program

Our math program uses the Singapore Math curriculum, a highly-effective teaching approach based on research of math mastery in Singapore, which consistently ranks at the top in international math testing.  A key feature of the Singapore Math method includes the CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) approach, which develops a deep understanding of math through building on existing understanding.  This highly-effective framework introduces concepts in a tangible way and progresses to increasing levels of abstraction.  Students learn to think mathematically rather than rely on rote memorization.    Read more…

Which math level should I choose for my child?   We’re happy to discuss this with you as your partners in education.  

US-EditionFor levels 1-5, it’s very important that students have the books labeled as “U.S. Edition”.  Other editions look very similar.


Math 1/2   – Mrs. Stewart 

I will work with the parents on how they want their students graded.1a2a

Textbook Option 1 (4 books)
Primary Mathematics US Edition
1A Textbook & 1A Workbook,
1B Textbook & 1B Workbook

Textbook Option 2 (4 books) 
Primary Mathematics
 US Edition 
2A Textbook & 2A Workbook,
2B Textbook & 2B Workbook

Student Materials:  I will supply pencils and paper.

One-Time Supply Fee:   $25    Annual Tuition:   $300 (10 pymts of $30)
Class Minimum:  4

Math 3/4   – Mrs. Kusch

We will have a great time learning math this year. I plan to bring in different math manipulatives and mediums for working problems. We will also be creating an interactive math note-booking journal this year as part of our math study.

Students will be expected to participate in working through Textbook pages in class and finishing for homework. Workbook pages will be assigned for homework throughout the week, to be guided and looked over by parents. These will be submitted for completion grades. Practice pages in the textbook will be used as quizzes in class to periodically monitor comprehension and acquisition of skills. Review pages in workbooks will be done as take home tests and should not receive help or correction from parents. These quizzes and tests will be turned in and graded by the teacher.

Textbook Option 1 (4 books):
Primary Mathematics US Edition
 3A textbook & 3A workbook
 3B textbook & 3B workbook

Textbook Option 2  (4 books)
Primary Mathematics (US Ed.) 4A textbook & 4A workbook
4B textbook & 4B workbook

4aStudent Materials:  Composition Notebook (wide-ruled), 2 pencils (sharpened with good erasers), poly folder with brads and pockets, wide-ruled notebook paper

One-Time Supply Fee:   $25   Annual Tuition:   $300
Discounts:  5% off if tuition paid in full

Class Minimum:  5

Math 4   – Mrs. Matthews

Description coming soon.


Student Materials:

One-Time Supply Fee:       Annual Tuition:  

Class Minimum:


Math 6   – Mrs. Turner

SM - 6I love math and enjoy helping students understand it. As with the Singapore Math method, my goal is to help students master and understand math concepts rather than memorize techniques. To ensure each student is grasping concepts, I interact with students in class and grade assignments.  To view lesson topics being taught, please visit the below book links click “look inside”.

Positive thinking and perseverance will be encouraged. Instead of “I’m not good at this,” students will learn to think, “What am I missing?” The goal is to create an encouraging environment that fosters the best possible outcome and a good attitude towards math.

Required Textbook (4 books):
Dimensions Math 6A textbook6A workbook6B textbook6B workbook 

Student Materials: Poly folder (two pockets with brads), thin spiral notebook, multiple pencils with erasers, one highlighter, simple calculator (not a phone), scotch tape with handheld dispenser, and a supply box

One-Time Supply Fee:   $7    Annual Tuition:   $360 (10 pymts of $36)

Class Minimum:  5


Algebra I Mrs. Turner

Required Textbook:  Algebra I:  Expressions, Equations, and Applications by Paul A. Foerster 
Student Materials:  three-ring binder, 5-tab dividers, notebook paper (wide ruled helpful but not required), highlighter, pencils, scientific calculator (not a phone or similar device)
One-Time Supply Fee:   $7    Annual Tuition:  $380
Class Minimum: 5


Financial Math can be counted as an elective or used as a high school math credit instead of Algebra II.