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Drawing Basics   7th-12th   (Mrs. McDowell)

artbooksIn this drawing Basics course, you’ll learn how to draw with proper techniques, discovering how to represent what you see through studies in contour drawing, perspective, positive/negative space, and value.

Required Textbook: You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less; and Light, Shade and Shadow (Dover Art Instruction)
Student Materials: Sketching pencils assorted values, pencil sharpener, ruler, kneaded artist eraser, black sharpie (2 tip fine & ultra fine), dketchbook 9in x 12in, color pencils (24 colors)
One-Time Supply Fee:  $20     Annual Tuition:  $300 (10 pymts of $30)
Class Minimum:  4

Logic   7th-12th   (Mrs. Matthews)

A fallacy is an error in logic—a place where someone has made a mistake in his thinking. The purpose of this course is to help students learn to spot common errors in reasoning. We will use humor, historical references and real life situations to help teens learn to think and express themselves clearly.

Required Textbook:
The Fallacy Detective, by Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn (ISBN 9780974531571) 
The Thinking Toolbox, by Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn (ISBN 9780974531519)
Student Materials:  one-inch 3-ring binder, 5-tab dividers, 3×5 index cards (quantity 50+), pen/pencil
One-Time Supply Fee:  none     Annual Tuition:  $300 (10 pymts of $30)
Class Minimum:  5


Strings:  Beginners   5th-12th   (Mrs. S)

This will be a beginning strings class. Students can choose to play violin, viola, or cello. Here they will learn the basics of their respective instrument and to perform as a group.  Students are expected to have all materials for class. Grading will be based on performance and progress.

Required TextbookEssential Elements Book 1 (the orange book), Sound Innovations for String Orchestra Book 1 (the blue and white book)
Student Materials:  one-inch 3-ring black binder and pencils.  Student will need to rent or own the instrument of his/her choice, choosing from the violin, viola, cello, bass.
One-Time Supply Fee:  $0     Annual Tuition:  $300 (10 pymts of $30)
Discount:  $5 sibling discount (first sibling regular price, additional receive $5 discount)
Class Minimum:  5

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