Primary Courses

Primary enrollment is only open to students who have a sibling enrolled in one of our elementary, middle, high school courses or have a parent who teaches at CDA.

Primary students must enroll in a Half-Day Option:

  • Option 1:  8:30 – 12:25, including chapel
  • Option 2:  11:30 – 3:25, including chapel

Courses are listed in the order they fall on the schedule.

Reading & English   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. Matthews)

This year we will be going through Simply Grammar by Charlotte Mason. Our focus will be understanding parts of speech and writing complete sentences. We will also be using Spalding Education Phonogram Cards for learning letter sounds and blends to help with reading. With the use of many books including Little Bear, Curious George, and McGuffey Readers, we will be practicing and advancing our reading skills.

Student Materials:  Pencil pouch, scissors, glue stick, pencil, and eraser
One-Time Supply Fee:  $0     Annual Tuition:  $150
Class Minimum:

Fun with Music   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. S)

General introduction to music, music concepts, and instruments

Student Materials:  folder, notebook, pencils, crayons
One-Time Supply Fee:       Annual Tuition:  $150
Class Minimum:  5

Primary Math   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. Matthews)

essentialmathStudents will practice shapes, number order, set, counting, measurement, and patterns through visual exercises as well as hand-on activities.

Required Textbook:
Essential Math Kindergarten A
Essential Math Kindergarten B

Student Materials:  pencils
One-Time Supply Fee:   $0     Annual Tuition:  $150
Class Minimum:  4

Science & History   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. Matthews)

Science:  We will be exploring the universe beginning with our sun and the planets. Then we set off across the stars to explore galaxies, nebulae, and even black holes as they reveal the marvel and might of our loving Creator. During class, students will complete labs or crafts to assist in our discovery of the wonders in space.

History:  This class will take students on an exciting journey through medieval times. Our focus will be on castle life and the stages of knighthood. We will correlate the armor of God as we learn about knights and the students will be making their own coat of arms. Our curriculum will include many colorful children’s books about this time period.

Required Textbook:  Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook, 2nd Edition, by Jeannie Fulbright (ISBN 9781940110585)
Student Materials:
One-Time Supply Fee:   $10    Annual Tuition:  $150
Class Minimum:  4

Primary PE & Health   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. Stewart)

This Health and P.E. class will promote physical exercise, skills development, sportsmanship and nutrition. The class will begin with prayer, followed by calisthenics, coordination skills or jogging, skill development (teaching session), and fun games which often incorporate the skill being taught.

I will work with the parents on how they want their students graded.

Student Materials:   roll-up exercise mat
One-Time Supply Fee:  $25     Annual Tuition:  $250 (10 pymts of $25)
Class Minimum:  4

Primary Nature & Art Study   Pre-K – 1st   (Mrs. Matthews)

Through outdoor walks, journaling and sketching your child will discover the beauty of nature.

Student Materials:  backpack and binoculars
One-Time Supply Fee:  $10     Annual Tuition:  $150
Class Minimum:  4

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