Code of Conduct


  • All individuals should act with kindness and consideration towards others.  
  • Students must be respectful of teachers and parent volunteers whether in class, in the study hall, or on campus during Castroville Day Academy (CDA) hours.
  • Students, teachers, and parent volunteers are required to attend Chapel.
  • Every individual is responsible for depositing his or her own trash in the large central trash barrel in the study hall.  Students may be asked to assist with the morning set-up or end-of-day clean-up.
  • In order to not be a distraction to other people, there will be no loud talking, rough-housing, running, or throwing of objects.   An exception to running and throwing objects may be made under certain circumstances such as in a Physical Education class as it pertains to the instructed activity at hand.
  • Everyone must keep their hands to themselves; hitting, pushing, shoving, tripping, or other rough behavior is unacceptable.
  • If two students are in a courting, dating, or in any similar type of relationship, they will refrain from any and all public displays of affection during CDA class hours or activities.
  • Inappropriate relationships shall not be established between teachers, parent volunteers, or students.

Personal Effects

  • Weapons are not permitted.
  • The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted, nor is it permissible for any individual to arrive at CDA under the influence of any such substances.  
  • Cigarettes, vape products, and the use of such products is not permitted.
  • Any other items deemed a distraction, offensive, harmful, or inappropriate are not permitted.

 Campus Expectations

  • The term campus encompasses the entire property of First Baptist Church of Castroville (FBCC), indoors and outdoors, and includes the parking lot.
  • Students may not wander around the campus without adult supervision.
  • Any student enrolled in a Pre-K through 4th grade course must be promptly picked up at the end of his/her course by that family’s parent volunteer.
  • Any student enrolled in a 5th through 12th grade course who is on campus but not in a class must remain in the study hall.
  • Study hall is only available for students enrolled in 5th through 12th grade courses and is intended for  quiet socializing and studying during non-class hours. Electronic devices may be used with ear buds.
  • Students will not be provided with Internet access but may use their personal cellular data plan when its use falls within other guidelines herein.
  • Students must abide by their parents’ wishes regarding whether or not they may leave campus. This option is for students ages 16 and above.  Neither CDA nor FBCC is responsible for students who leave campus.
  • Students shall be respectful of all property on campus.  Defacement of any property will not be tolerated, and the families of any such offenders will be fully responsible for compensating FBCC for any loss.

Classroom Expectations

  • Students must arrive to class on time and prepared, bringing all completed assignments, and any required supplies.
  • No electronic device use during classroom hours unless the teacher has given permission.
  • If a family member phone call is necessary, a student should obtain teacher permission to take or make the call and step into the hallway.  Otherwise, calls or texts are not acceptable during courses.

Positive Academic Effort

  • Students are expected to complete all assignments by the due dates set by the teacher.  Parents may find it necessary to monitor their student’s progress to ensure class requirements are being met.  Students who don’t complete work and become a distraction to the class as determined by the teacher may be removed from the class until the issue is resolved.  Such a situation does not absolve a family’s tuition responsibility for that course.

Adherence to CDA Policies

Failure to abide by CDA policies may jeopardize a student’s right to participate in CDA courses or activities, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the offense(s).  Such reprimands do not negate a family’s tuition commitment.